Quantico Season 2: Episode 8, our criticism, (SPOILER) is a terrorist!

Cinema 28 November, 2016

Episode 8 of Season 2 of Quantico aired last night on ABC. So it’s time to see our review of this explosive Winter Finale!

quantico-saison-2-episode-8-2x08-vostfr-streamingLast night, the time of the revelations rang in episode 8 of season 2 of Quantico . This Winter Finale brought us some answers but we also left in shock. Yes, we were warned, one of the most unexpected betrayals took place in the last two minutes of the episode. Who turned the wrong way? It’s time to discover it and all the details of “ODENVY” . The episode begins with Alex accompanied by former recruits of “The Farm” . She still does not know whom she can trust but knows that his only chance is to stay with them. Each character is a potential suspect, and this is where it rests the series. No one is trustworthy and betray at one time friends. This episode was no exception and many betrayals have been put forward.
First, this is the FBI himself who decided to turn against all the hostages in the Winter Finale of Season 2 of Quantico . Shelby and Miranda discovered that the team of police was determined to eliminate everyone including innocent. Shelby did everything to stop them but it has only 48 minutes to find a solution with Alex … Suffice to say that this is not enough! However, the episode ended before we know more about this part of the plot. The other betrayal took place in the past, during their training at “The Farm” . Alex understands that Shelby, Miranda, and Ryan Nimah hiding something and she was put aside. Even his best friends are not trustworthy. In addition, Ryan has been contacted by the AIC and he had to follow their instructions to approach them , though it was not the only one. Leon and Dayana has also been linked with the AIC and three of them have kidnapped and killed a man then cleaned up the crime scene to prove their loyalty. Obviously, they were filmed, which means that now they are trapped. No one doubts that this action will have a link with this …
Back in the present, where the twins confront . If their relationship has been strained since the first season, we can say that it will take a different turn in the Winter Finale. Raina discovers that his sister is part of the terrorist group and their links will be broken at the time. When Nimah is out of the room after the confrontation, she started to cry and this scene was a bit overwhelming. Another truth is she hiding behind his motivations? It is quite possible! For now, we already know that Miranda and Nimah rocked the wrong side, but they are not alone … The very last scene of the Winter Finale of Season 2 of Quantico has revealed one of the biggest betrayals of the series. in one of the masks we find Ryan and it has attacked Alex. what was he going through your head? The AIC she pressured him with video or has he joined of his own sandstone? This episode 8 was quite successful and leaves us with a new mystery. In any case, the transition is that we preferred the second proposal of marriage to Alex Ryan, as we showed an excerpt of the episode 8 of season 2 of Quantico . One thing for sure is that we look forward to being in the fall to see the reaction of Alex makes this stab in the back in Winter Premiere … What did you think of this episode ?