Quantico Season 2: Episode 9, SPOILER is part of the terrorists, our critic

Cinema 24 January, 2017

A few hours after the broadcast of episode 9 of season 2 of Quantico, discover our critic of winter premiere as well as info on what awaits you next week!
Last night Quantico was finally back with the broadcast of episode 9 of season 2 , inaugurating its new time slot on ABC . The hearings of the series being in perdition, the American chain wanted to let him benefit the rather wide audience of the Bachelor, broadcast just before. It is hoped that the maneuver will be a success, the winter premiere of the show worn by Priyanka Chopra having been successful. The series continues to offer scenes in the past and in the future. But this time, each of paramount importance since Alex is interviewed by Hannah and what a pleasure to find Eliza Coupe in the series . We hope that the pretty blonde will eventually get a more regular role in the sequel to Quantico. Alex is back in the sights of the government. It is true that the young woman finds herself for the second time in the center of a large-scale terrorist case in the space of two years. Unfortunately for federal agents, they are clearly wrong about suspect!
Yes the meltynautes, it was understood: Miranda is part of the terrorists . The last scene of the episode is the most revealing of the first winter and we admit: we are eager to see what will be the famous conversation that would force Alex, according to Miranda, to join the terrorist group of the season. Better still, we should know the motivations of the former mentor of our heroine. But what about Ryan? According to the final winter broadcast last November, the beautiful kid would have tipped the dark side of the force. But in Quantico, appearances are often misleading and it may well be that Alex’s ex-fiancé joined this group to better destroy them from within. In any case, the two lovers are sinking into the past .
Besides, the flashbacks tell us a lot this week. We begin to understand why Alex and Ryan had to break their betrothal. The lies gnaw at this relationship and clearly, the desire of both to advance separate will destroy them. On Shelby’s side, things should move quickly in the rest of the season. Now Velez knows that it lies to him and the prospect of the lies of the pretty blonde catch is pretty exciting . In short, this first winter offers us solid intrigues for the rest of the season. And the episode of next week looks explosive!
Entitled “JMPALM” , episode 10 of season 2 should see beautiful scenes being proposed. We discover by the images of the trailer there will be a confrontation between Alex Miranda and Raina . It is also discovered that Senator Haas (Marcia Cross) will be back in this new episode, just like Lydia. New betrayals should also occur in the past between Ryan and Alex. We feel a little bit a Mr. and Mrs Smith vibe in this second part of the season, do not you? See you next Monday for episode 10 of season 2 of Quantico, but in the meantime, find the weekly series program on melty. What did you think of the first winter?