Quantico season 2: SPOILER Why has he really betrayed Alex?

Cinema 7 December, 2016

Big shock in the Winter Finale of Season 2 of Quantico. A character betrayed Alex, but why has he actually done? We tried to investigate!

Nothing goes in Quantico . The Winter Finale of Season 2 of the TV show has totally shocked us. Many characters find themselves on the wrong side and both say they could not doubt them early in the season. They who seemed so sincere … What has happened to all that they betray their country and notably Alex? The biggest surprise and disappointment was Ryan. We were warned, the video promo of the episode 8 of season 2 of Quantico showed us a huge betrayal coming and she has not missed. But why so perfect Ryan fell it the terrorists and betrayed his beloved Alex? Could it be that duress? In Quantico, everything is possible …
Ryan flipped the wrong side … Alex did not come back and we. Why he trapped Ryan all these people and he keeps prisoners in season 2 of Quantico ? What is his goal ? In the editorial of melty, we are convinced that something is up behind and has not chosen himself to do all such acts. Remember, he joined AIC in mission and to join them, he had to kidnap a man who was tortured and killed by Leon and Dayana. Of course, to ensure their loyalty, the organization filmed them and therefore has a proof for blackmail . Ryan does not have a choice. The real terrorists may have threatened the lives of Alex and Ryan did everything to protect it. Or perhaps is it with Miranda and Nimah to stop them from within. In any case, we do not want to believe it. While waiting to learn more, find out when will be released on Winter Premiere Season 2 Quantico! And you what do you think ?