Quantico season 2: The surprising past of Harry teased by the creator of the show!

Cinema 25 December, 2016

The continuation of season 2 of Quantico will also interest Harry, whose surprising past is teased by the creator of the show!
A little more mystery! While we wondered if Ryan was going to die during the season 2 of Quantico , the next episodes of the network ABC also interested in Harry’s story. Indeed, Joshua Safran, the creator of the series said that the result would offer us to “dive deep” into the past of the charming agent of MI6, played by Russell Tovey. “After we imagined frame this season for the story between Alex and Ryan, we invented Harry’s story. Many things will unfold with this scenario between now and the near future .” The big question mark in the history of British beauty is her relationship with Elliott , to which he was referring, on which he lied and talked vaguely, but the circumstances surrounding the death of former lover Harry Remain unclear.
We still got some clues at the Mid-season Finale, when Harry spends the holidays with Elliott’s sister, Charlotte, and her family. As we learn, Charlotte is also Harry’s superior and, through the conversation between Harry and Charlotte’s husband, Pip, it seems that Elliott’s father is not the best person in the world. So far, Joshua Safran reported that Harry has used his transfer to The Farm to avoid facing it all , “and now that Pip really brings back the mission, the question is: Joshua value Will he really be interested? ” The answer should be yes, all the more so after the creator has teased to have written a three-page monologue for Tovey. He also indicated that most of our questions will be answered in the near future, “which means to Harry how his past now affects Sebastian and Alex, and how the revelations he made in the lead thesis, which is in my mind for the series: Nobody is just one thing . ” Recently, we announced a big change for Season 2 of Quantico! Are you eager to discover Harry’s past?