Quantico season 2: When will it be broadcast in France?

Cinema 4 January, 2017

Season 1 of Quantico had packed on M6 and the French were fans. However, when will show season 2 of the TV show?
Quantico was the event series this summer . Every week, the hearings were on the rise and the French were asking for more. Broadcast on M6, this first season had really talked about her. Priyanka Chopra, the charm of the series, has seduced the French as well as the original intrigue of the TV show. Yes, Quantico had rhythmed our summer. While Season 2 of Quantico who will experience a big change , is being broadcast in the US on the chain ABC, one wonders when it will air new chapter in France? Will we have to wait a few years as many other series or will we have the chance to discover it before? The editing of melty attempted to conduct the investigation!
Quantico was scheduled very quickly in France, just after its release in the United States and this surprise was more pleased few. Will we have the same luck with Season 2? It is very likely that yes! Viewing the records of audiences that it has raised, the season 2 of Quantico has all chances of returning this summer or maybe even a little before. In our opinion, simply wait for the dissemination of this chapter in the United States, to be held around April / May and is expected to return shortly after our French screens . In any case, we are impatient. While waiting to learn more, discover at what point will air episode 8 of season 2 of Quantico on ABC! Do you also look forward to this series?