Quantico season 2: Will Alex be allied to terrorists next week on M6?

Cinema 19 July, 2017

While the season 2 of Quantico continues to be in full swing on M6, let’s discover together what will happen next week on the channel!

Will Alex be forced to ally with the terrorists? Yes, the meltynauts, while our heroine has just learned that Miranda is in cahoots with the hostage takers, can she still save her friends? While Melty’s editorial told you that Alex would discover the truth about Owen on M6, is she the only one who can stop this new threat? In “Ultimatum”, Nimah and Alex decide to ally in order to save the hostages when Miranda was ready to let them die. In the flashbacks, Leon, Dayana and Ryan will be recruited by the AIC and finally meet their mentor, Lydia.

In “Exfiltration”, Owen will decide to send recruits to Germany to test them on their ability to go unnoticed. The opportunity for Alex to try everything for the whole to get his help in the arrest of his daughter. Finally in “Diversion”, things will be complicated for Alex on M6. After she managed to get the hostages out, she realized that some terrorists had slipped into them. How will she proceed to identify them? In the flashbacks, the recruits will go to the NSA to test their diversion techniques. One thing is certain, we are already impatient. While waiting for more information, vote every day the World Cup Series.