Quantico season 3: When will it be broadcast?

Cinema 25 May, 2017

Quantico was renewed for a season 3, but then, when will it be broadcast? We tried to conduct the investigation!
The season 2 of Quantico has just ended on ABC. The Season Finale put us in full view and the final battle between Alex and the conspirators was epic. The writers have managed to satisfy the fans of the series. If season 2 of the show has experienced some chaotic phases, the last episodes quickly managed to plunge us back into the heart of the plot and recapitate our attention. In the final minutes of the episode, Alex had to flee the country, accompanied by Ryan . What will happen in season 3 of Quantico and especially when will the Season premiere be broadcast? Let’s try to find out!
The Quantico series was renewed for a season 3, but there will be change . It will consist of only 13 episodes and the budget has been restricted. In addition, there will be a new showrunner who will take the place of Josh Safran. This should be beneficial for the series and so bring it a touch of freshness. However when will this season show 3 of Quantico ? Since the show is reduced, it will only return in January 2018. At the moment, no official date has been communicated by ABC but we are really looking forward to discovering the adventures of Alex, Ryan, Shelby and others Characters! Are you looking forward to the series?