Quantico, The Flash, Once Upon A Time: Spoilers of the Week

Cinema 20 May, 2017

This week, many Season Finale have been aired. So it’s time to do a little recap of all the spoilers of the episodes that have been released in the last seven days!
Bye bye Quantico, Once Upon A Time, Scandal or Gray’s Anatomy. This week, ABC has broadcast many Season Finale and the emotion was there. In Episode 22 of Season 2 of Quantico, we witnessed the final battle . Alex, Ryan, Shelby and the rest of the Task Force managed to thwart the plans of President Roark and his collaborators. However, Alex became a traitor and had to flee the country by changing his identity. Fortunately, Ryan followed her and the duo finally found herself! As for episodes 21 and 22 of season 6 of Once Upon A Time, Emma has also launched in her last battle . This Season Finale has made many references to the Pilot of the series. The curse was even more powerful, But thanks to Henry, Emma has found faith again. In addition, it was Rumple who killed his mother and made the right decision to save Emma and her family. Moreover, the episode ended with a Happy Ending for all our characters and Henry and his daughter who will be at the heart of season 7 of the magic show. Once Upon A Time as we had known it is over which makes us still a little pinch to the heart!
Let’s move on to the medical world with episode 24 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy which was really successful. Stephanie did a heroic act and bid farewell to the series in beauty. She did not hesitate to sacrifice to save a little girl and ended up burned but fortunately she is not dead! In addition, a new love triangle was formed between April, Jackson and Maggie that we did not appreciate at all. In addition, Owen’s sister landed at the military hospital and their face to face will take place in season 14. This episode also ended with Minnick’s dismissal all expected. In short, it truly lived up to our expectations. On the side of the Season Final of season 6 of Scandal, Olivia gave way to her dark side! She strangled her mother but fortunately she was stopped by Jake before committing the irreparable. We also witnessed beautiful scenes between Maya and Rowan where emotion was present for Papa Pope. To everyone’s surprise, Olivia decided to run the B613 organization, which had once destroyed her life. She has full powers, just like Cyrus and Millie . The next season will be intense! Who had once destroyed his life. She has full powers, just like Cyrus and Millie . The next season will be intense! Who had once destroyed his life. She has full powers, just like Cyrus and Millie . The next season will be intense!
Let’s now go to our CW superheroes ! In episode 22 of Arrow’s Season 5 , Oliver, Nyssa and Malcom decided to unite against Chase . In addition, our Green Archer and Felicity were ready to give themselves a second chance. Since the fans were waiting for the return of the couple Olicity, they were delighted. In addition, Inspector Lance experienced a heart-wrenching face-off with Black Siren and emotion was present. The Season Finale looks explosive. Let’s finish our spoilers of the week with episode 22 of season 3 of The Flash where Barry was helpless against Savitar . Despite all the efforts of our hero, Barry has failed to save the life of a man, Iris who died because of his evil double of the future. This scene will remain engraved in us. Does Iris still have a hope in the Season Finale of season 3 of The Flash ? Will Barry go back in time to try something else? To find out, we will meet you next week! And you, what have you thought of these episodes?