Quantico, Vikings, Westworld, The Walking Dead: The hottest scenes of 2016!

Cinema 27 December, 2016

As the year 2016 comes to an end, we return to the hottest stages we have witnessed in recent months
It’s hot ! The year 2016 is over and it is time to take stock, tops and flops! Thus, after having presented the most imblairables 2016 characters, some of which are in Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries , it’s time to remind ourselves of the hottest scenes of the year in our series!
Sexy Sexy:
ABC has a nice amount of drama in which love obviously occupies a prominent place! In fact, it is frequent that the channel offers us sequences sexy, not to say hot. Thus, Quantico has not weakened vis-à-vis its first season and was rewarded this year memorable scenes between Shelby and Leo. We’ll remember the one in the car. Side How to Get Away with Murder , things were obviously very hot with Connor, but not only! The teacher Annalise has nothing to envy him since she offered us very hot moments with Nate. Fox is not outdone by Empire ! The sexual games of Anika and Lucious do not fail to spice up the musical series and since everything is a family affair, the other Lyon rarely disappoint us in this field. We note that from year to year, the networks are becoming more adventurous , so we can think that we will soon propose things as crisp as what we see elsewhere.
Things are getting hot :
Even if we see that networks are becoming more comfortable with sex, this game is definitely the cable channels that hold the palm! On FX, we found that horror and sex marry very well. We will retain two scenes from the last season of American Horror Story : the very realistic between Matt (v Cuba Gooding Jr.) “setting” with the witch (played by Lady Gaga) in a burnt forest. But also, that of the premiere season between Shelby (version Sarah Paulson) and Matt (again played by Gooding). Note that the mix of sex and horror also worked well between Rick and Michonne in The Walking Dead . The miseason 4 Premiere of Vikings was also very hot with the arrival of 4 son Ragnar who share the same slave to satisfy their sexual urges. We did not ask for as much, but the tone of this new era was given! Such a father, such a son, shall we say! Last series we use here: Power . From the beginning, Starz was very interested in sex and nudity , as we have seen in Spartacus, Flesh and Bones or Da Vinci Demons . To return to power , we will retain a scene from episode 4 between Kanan and Candia, where 50 Cent did not hesitate to give of himself, but also a scene from the first season to discover below!
HBO, who never got cold in the eyes! Whether in Sex and The City , Oz, Girls, Looking or Game of Thrones , the American cable channel has never shown cautious with nudity and sex to create emotion with viewers. This principle is of course present in Westworld . In addition to being one of the best novelties of the year, it is certainly the one that offered us the most nudity. Many sequences are outstanding in the first season, but we will retain an orgy in the ancient mode, present in Episode 5, entitled “contrapasso” , or the scene between Dolores and William, present in episode 7. We Let us also think of the character of Charlotte, very liberated with his sexuality.
Very hot even! In addition to these few examples, we can not forget to talk about Netflix, which gradually offers a beautiful sexual image. We think including Easy , with its Trisome Episode 6, including Orlando Bloom; to Black Mirror , for the magnificent San Junipero episode with a very sensual scene between Kelly and Yorkie; to Narcos , for its scene between Javier and Marta in episode 3; to The OA for which we dévoilions 3 reasons to binge watcher series , to the scene of his first season with Steve and his sex friend; but especially for its very hot scene of the first series of Luke Cage , between our heroes and Misty Knight! Note that the video on demand service ended the year in style by repeating an orgiastic scene sense8 . After the impressive beauty of season 1, the stunning Christmas Special is (re) discovered below. Highly season 2!
The list of 2016 sex scenes in our series could be even longer since Outlander, Insecure, Casual, Shooter, The Girlfriend Experience, Queen Lugar, Jane The Virgin or comedy Younger did not fail to arouse our excitement! What hot scenes have you marked this year?