Queen Silvia of Sweden sees ghosts

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

Spirit, are you there? The wife of Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden assures that their castle of Drottningholm is haunted. Bizarre, you said weird …
It is a country where night falls like two hands on the eyes from the beginning of the afternoon, where the frost covers with frost … to the crowned heads, obviously! In a documentary broadcast on public television this Thursday, January 5, Queen Silvia of Sweden ensures that the Drottningholm Palace, where the royal family resides permanently since 1981 , is haunted, and, even better, he sometimes Communicated with the spirits pass-wall.
“There are boyfriends. They are all very friendly but a few times you feel good that you are not completely alone. It’s not frightening. Rather, it is very exciting ” , told the wife of King Carl XVI Gustaf.
The testimony lend to smile or even to question the health of the sovereign, hospitalized for “dizziness” on Christmas Eve, if another member of the house Bernadotte did not support.
In the same documentary, Princess Christina, sister of Carl XVI holds forth: “There is a lot of energy in this house. It would be strange if it did not take the form of entities. ”
The numerous tenants have succeeded each other between the walls of Drottningholm, a World Heritage Site of Unesco and probably the best preserved of the royal palaces of Sweden. Built on the edge of Stockholm by King John III in the late 16 th century, but reconstructed in 1662 by Queen Edwige-Eleonore following a devastating fire, the present castle, with the leg of the architect Nicodemus Tessin the Former and son of the latter, Nicodemus Ticino the Younger, has the peculiarity of standing in the middle of an island of Lake Malär. This “little Versailles” thus contrasts the surrounding nature with an architectural style announcing the beginnings of the baroque style as evidenced by its Chinese pavilions and its royal theater.
Considered the “palaces of queens and princesses,” the castle open to the public with the exception of the south wing privatized , notably hosted the wedding of Princess Madeleine , the youngest of Queen Silvia in 2013. That day 600 guests, including Princess Victoria and Prince Carl Philip, the sister and eldest brother of the bride, walked along the paths of the park. The story does not say how many ghosts also had heart cheering …