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Entertainment 29 January, 2018


Rachida Dadi did not mince his words with regard to the decisions of the current Prime minister. Live on BFMTV Sunday, 28 January, the mayor of the Seventeenth arrondissement of Paris has denounced his lack of work.

The folders are piled up on the desk of the current Prime minister, Edouard Philippe. And while the “crisis of the prisons’ continues in France, other political figures comment on the decisions of the government. This is the case of Rachida Dati, the mayor of the Seventeenth arrondissement of the capital, who did not hesitate to denounce the absence of the Prime minister on the ground near the overseers and the guardians, too often assaulted by inmates, and completely overwhelmed by their workload. Invited Sunday, January 28, in the issuance policy of BFMTV, Rachida Dati is back on the recent decisions of the government towards the trade unions in having a message for the Prime minister, who, according to her “is not known to the prison administration”. And mep don’t stop there… ” Never a word about the prison staff, nothing. It says something about Edouard Philippe, who never worked, who does not know the suffering at work “, reported Le Parisien.

And this is not the first time that Rachida Dati load Edouard Philippe. On January 24, live on the radio RTL, the former keeper of the Seals had already expressed its disappointment with the decisions of the government and, in particular, those orchestrated by Edouard Philippe : “I am shocked that it has never moved from the prison staff who have been assaulted and insulted “, she had launched.

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