Rachida Dati stinging with Brice Hortefeux, the “First Lady” of Laurent Wauquiez – Gala

Entertainment 15 December, 2017


After having often insulted Brice Hortefeux, Rachida Dati has permitted a small reflection at the european parliament, mocking his tie in a hurry to Laurent Wauquiez.

The Ex-keeper of the seals has never had his tongue in his pocket. Deemed to be a true sniper when it comes to say of the evil of the world of politics, Rachida Dati has once again taken to Brice Hortefeux, one of its main targets. Between the two members of the Republicans, this has always been complicated.

“Guignol “, ” Big facho “, “Nazi” : Rachida Dati, is already engaged to Brice Hortefeux repeatedly and without restraint. While Laurent Wauquiez has been elected president of the Republicans, the former minister of the Interior had ceased to defend the party’s new leader. His fellow Republicans seized the opportunity and did not hesitate to make a comparison of a bad taste. “With all that thou hast done for Wauquiez, and as you are inseparable the two of you are a little his First Lady “.Last Tuesday, Brice Hortefeux had praised the “collective approach” by Laurent Wauquiez, blaming by the same occasion the attitude of Xavier Bertrand who had slammed the door of the Republicans the day before. Brice Hortefeux, the First lady of the patron saint of the right ? Still a joke that did not have to laugh with the person concerned.

In September 2015, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet suspended Rachida Dati of the LR group for non-payment of dues. Two years after, the mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris, has returned to The Republicans, and the situation annoys many within the party of the right. Despite his attacks to repeat and debts, the former minister of Justice is always on the first line.


Rachida Dati, Brice Hortefeux

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