Rachida Dati tackle severely Alain Juppé : “I don’t like poor losers” – Gala

Entertainment 24 January, 2018


It is not good to be in the viewfinder of Rachida Dati. Asked on RTL on 24th January, the mayor of the Seventh arrondissement of Paris was severely down Alain Juppé, in which she finds the behavior unacceptable.

Rachida Dati is no neighborhood. Invited this 24th of January in the morning on RTL, the political woman was shot at red cannon balls on Alain Juppé, which she does not appreciate the recent statements by : he has decided to withdraw from the party, The Republicans, and not pay his dues for 2018. A behavior which does not pass to Rachida Dati, especially coming from a former candidate who had dreamed of president of the Republic.

“Me, I don’t like poor losers,” she says. T‘have lost. You lost. Do we not say the line or not line. If that was the right line, he would have been elected “. Rachida Dati never hesitates when it comes to replace its counterparts – Brice Hortefeux, to which she made a fist, Gérard Darmanin upon his appointment to the post of minister of the Action and of the public Accounts, no one escapes the wit of the mayor of the Seventh arrondissement of Paris.

The old Guard of the Seals is known for its biting attacks and its spread, which suggest KO the opponent. Straight-talking slice often with jousting verbal usual policies. But his colleagues are not his only victims – the journalists are sometimes right too.

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Rachida Dati, Alain Juppé

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