Rainbow Six Siege: How Can You Improve Aim on all Weapons

Entertainment 24 January, 2022

Rainbow six siege is an operator-based fps game that gamers worldwide love so much. It has been downloaded over 100 million times since its release. The intense gameplay, detailed maps, and incredible weapon variety make this one of the best FPS games released to date.

Today, we will tell you about a few tips to improve your aim. If you keep these tips in your mind while playing, your skills will surely improve. You can also use R6 hacks with aimbot to enhance your chances of winning.

Know about Weapons and Attachments

Rainbow six siege has plenty of weapons, but all of them are locked and available for a specific operator. The guns will only be unlocked in that category with whichever operator you pick. You get to choose between two primary weapons.

If you select an operator for its tactical utility, you will get to choose between shotguns and SMGs. However, if you know about attachments that can be added to your weapon, you can exponentially increase your weapon’s compelling performance.

Many extensions, like foregrips, suppressors, compensators, flash hiders, and tactical mounts, are available. Choose from them and make your weapon more lethal.

Make Your Movements Steady

Do not hastily move while shooting as this will compromise the accuracy of your aim; you will be hitting everything else except your enemy. Keep yourself calm and composed during intense battles, wait for your chance to shoot, and do not engage your enemy head-on when you do get the opportunity to shoot.

Peek through corners to not overexpose yourself; in this way, you can land accurate shots while standing steady and will not get hit. Move slowly while moving from alleys; you might think this will make you susceptible to enemy fire.

But in reality, if you can shoot one or two headshots while being steady, your enemy will perish instantly.

Use Short Bursts to Fire

Recoil is realistic in Rainbow six siege. If you fire a heavy weapon, your weapon is out of control; in auto mode will feel like it. Set your weapon to burst mode and make quick and accurate shots. It will put three rounds flying while keeping your gun stable. This maximizes the damage that you inflict upon your enemies.

However, it would be best if you learned to deal with the recoils to increase the odds of winning. In close combat, burst mode might not be that effective. The auto mode lets you send rounds flying at a high rate, and it quickly takes down your enemy.

Suitable Crosshair Color

This is another minute but crucial thing to remember while playing Rainbow Six Siege. Choosing a crosshair color that does not match the map’s color is critical. If you select the color of your crosshair the same as that of the map, you will not shoot accurately.

This is not because you suck at this game, but because you cannot aim at the right point. You will keep finding your crosshair to aim and shoot, but all you will get is confusion. The in-game crosshair is red, but it is not usable on every map.

If the map is red, you can switch your crosshair’s color to green in the settings.

Sensitivity Settings

Correct sensitivity settings also help you aim correctly and effectively. With time, all-pro players find their comfort level with the sensitivity levels and then set it accordingly. It would be best to find your settings according to your comfort level. Default in-game sensitivity settings are pretty rough.

You should increase the movement sensitivity to have a better field of view of your periphery and turn fast if you get attacked from the rear. However, do not stop copying pro settings from the start; otherwise, your crosshair will move like crazy. Give some time to your game and become comfortable.


Rainbow six siege is a very intense FPS game. You cannot get better at this overnight. It has very realistic recoils that make things difficult for new players; learn to control it as it will be rewarding later on.

Till you get comfortable with the recoils of the guns, use burst mode to fire accurately. Increase your knowledge about attachments and their uses; in this way, you can tremendously increase your weapons’ accuracy. Choose the crosshair color different from the surroundings so as not to get overwhelmed while shooting. And another crucial thing is to make your sensitivity settings according to your comfort.