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Entertainment 11 January, 2018


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Throughout his life, Raphael Hamburger has experienced a hardship such as the death of his father, the death of his sister and, more recently, that of her mother. He has also suffered a lot from the notoriety of its parents, France Gall and Michel Berger.

If Raphaël Hamburger, 36-year-old has always wanted to evolve into the musical world in the image of his parents, the son of France Gall and Michel Berger has made a point of honor to stay in the shade. As for his evidence. Despite the success of his parents, Raphael Hamburger has never been under the spotlight. First a sound engineer and then producer for Burger Records and music supervisor for the film, the son of the interpreter of “Resistant” does not have to be ashamed of his career, quite the contrary.

And this desire for independence and discretion does not date from today : “He works in the music, but he does not want to become a star that reveals his personal life and intimate “, explained the former press attaché of Michel Berger and France Gall, and Grégoire Colard, BFM. It has suffered from the notoriety of her parents, the fact that journalists are still there to the right and to the left. Therefore, it does not want to be publicized, it does not appear in a photo.”

Unfortunately, and to his greatest regret, of the many hardships experienced by the family have been high-profile cases, between the death of Michel Berger in 1992 and that of Pauline, the daughter of the couple, carried away by cystic fibrosis when she was only 19 years old. Raphaël Hamburger so despite him been in the headlines. And the death of his mother, France Gall, who died on the 7th January last, was again immersed in this media whirlwind.

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