Raphaël Hamburger, the son of France Gall, “temple warden” of the work of his parents : at the age of 36, he faces a heavy responsibility – Gala

Entertainment 9 January, 2018

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At the age of 36, and after the death of her mother this Sunday, Raphael is now the only heir to the heritage of music important to his parents, the author-composer-performer Michel Berger and the singer France Gall.

Like his parents, he has chosen the music. But Raphaël Hamburger, son of Michel Berger and France Gall, is a man of the shadow, composer and music producer for almost 10 years already. After the death of his mother, France Gall, the 7 January last, died of cancer, Raphaël Hamburger finds himself sole heir of a musical heritage is important. In the newspaper 20 Minutes, the former press attaché of the couple said : “He does not want to be in the light. I doubt that he gave interviews “. The author and journalist Didier Varrod explains : “up Until then, France Gall was the guardian of the temple. She had the will to put in value the directory of Michel Berger and wanted it to be considered to the height of one of Gainsbourg. Thanks to a work of republication requiring documentary on the musical work of a Shepherd, and through his musical comedy “Resistant”.

Raphaël Hamburger will have to continue this work while allowing or not the projects of covers of songs by his parents. All the more that, strong of the success of Resist, the singer was planning to write with his companion Bruck dewit, a member of a suite, it is now to his son to wear, or not, these projects.


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