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Entertainment 9 January, 2018


Rayane Bensetti is worse than ever. The actor seems to pass through the terrible ordeal, but refuses for the moment to say more about “the struggle” as it is currently.

That happens to Rayane Bensetti ? The actor has posted a message very mysterious in his account Instagram, this Monday, 8 January. Happy to find out that it has surpassed one million followers on Twitter, he shared his joy and said he would have liked to prepare a little surprise for this occasion, but he could not because of the “conditions” under which it currently operates. “I continue my fight,” he says… not to say more.

Already, last December 31, he had written this sentence enigmatic and disturbing : “My smile disappears day by day. “The lover of Denitsa Ikonomova had then received a wave of support from his fans, which upset him :” I thank you really really from the bottom of my heart for your support, so that you don’t even know yet the cause of my pain irreversible. Thank you… I’ll tell you when I will have the strength… I love you strong “. The side fans, that is understandable, speculation abounds. And the concern is implementation. The actor is expected to soon unveil the trials he is going through, and to see his fans support him even more in the battle that seems to occupy every moment of his life currently.

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Rayane Bensetti

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