Rayane Bensetti at the melty Future Awards 2017, it’s confirmed

Entertainment 2 February, 2017

This is THE ceremony not to be missed and it takes place on Monday from the Grand Rex in Paris. Rayane Bensetti will be there. And you ?
We hope you are excited because we no longer hold up! J-5 before THE event of the year, melty Future Awards 2017 to be held live from the Grand Rex in Paris and will be followed live on Facebook. Of the great spectacle and especially of the guests of mark that would not miss the evening for anything in the world. Yes, this is the opportunity for them to come and meet their fans and thank them for their support that has no limit. Among the guests will meet the great, the beautiful and talented rayane bensetti .
The artist has all the talents! He dances so well that he won Dancing With The Stars is a very good actor and we had the chance to see in comedy Tamara and we will meet again soon in theaters because he lends his features to Robin in the Batman Lego movie on February 15th cinema . We are very happy to know that Rayane will be with us for this event which looks really eerie!
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