Rayane Bensetti finally officialises: “With Denitsa, we love each other”

Entertainment 26 December, 2016

This is great news …
For more than two years and their common victory in Dancing with the Stars , and Denitsa Ikonomova rayane bensetti are inseparable to the point of being perceived as a real couple. They never confirmed being in love, even despite the recent blunder Loïc Nottet . But, after months of doubt, it’s official, they love each other!
Interviewed by the magazine Télé Star , the actor of 23 years has returned the incident. ” I’m not too interested me. I just read that Denitsa would have ‘confirmed our relationship by writing a beautiful love’ on Instagram. First, if true, I find it a bit sad to formalize with a hashtag on social networks! “, he was first released. Then the hunk confirmed: ” If you want the truth, with Denitsa, we love, it’s true I’m not saying that I’m not with it. I just did not want to talk. “A statement that many fans have been waiting for!
So far discreet about the nature of their relationship, lovers may be more likely to show up from now on. In any case, if 2017 will rhyme with love for the couple, this year will also be that of professional change. While rayane bensetti just announced that he will leave the series Clem , Denitsa Ikonomova embarks on a new project which will take away from Dancing with the Stars .