Reasons for Having Panic Attacks and What You Need to Do

Health 11 September, 2019

When you have panic attacks, you can’t control how you feel. You start shaking and feeling terrible about everything that’s going on. There are reasons why you have panic attacks, and you need to be aware of them so you can take the necessary action.

Recent traumatic events

If something bad happened to you recently, it might keep haunting you. Whether it’s a sexual assault or domestic violence, it will leave a long-lasting impact. Even when you are asleep, your body will start to shake with fear. The best way to deal with the problem is to face your perpetrator. Make sure that you give yourself justice after what happened. Report the incident to the authorities or tell someone you trust about it. If you keep the problem to yourself, your panic attacks will come back.

Series of stressful situations

It’s common for us to face problems. However, if these problems start to pile up, they become a source of stress. You will have panic attacks just remembering the issues you’re facing. You need to stop looking at these issues collectively. Instead, you need to determine how to solve each problem individually. Take concrete action if possible.

Major life changes

Moving to a new and different city or starting a new job could be exciting for many people. For some, it causes undue stress. You might be among these people. Therefore, before you decide to move elsewhere or accept a new job, you need to be sure about your choice; otherwise, it could lead to more significant problems.

Excessive caffeine 

You have to cut down on your cups of coffee. If you’re drinking too much, you have to start cutting down. You also have to understand the reason why you have the urge to drink caffeine. There could be underlying issues that you keep ignoring. The same thing holds true for excessive alcohol consumption.

Deal with the problem

When you start having anxiety attacks, you need to solve them right away. Don’t pretend that you’re okay and sweep the problems under the rug. You will be worse off when you keep telling yourself that you’re okay. When you start shaking uncontrollably, or you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, you might have anxiety attacks.

Talk to a person you know and trust about what you’re going through. You can’t keep everything to yourself at this point. There are worse situations that could happen to you beyond panic attacks.

It could also benefit you to talk to experts. If you can’t talk to your loved ones or friends since they also cause these panic attacks, you might have to seek help from a counsellor. The advice given by an expert could help improve your condition. You can check out Therapy Chicago to make an appointment for counselling services.

You will soon overcome your problems and say goodbye to panic attacks. Unless you confront the challenge head-on, it will continue affecting you.