Rebecca Romijn: Sexy in bikini for holidays accomplice with her binoculars

Entertainment 3 January, 2017

At 44, Jerry O’Connell’s wife has a concrete silhouette!
They form one of the strongest couples in show business. Family twelve years, Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell are also met parents of adorable twins born December 28, 2008, Dolly and Charlie . It is precisely on the occasion of the birthday of the two girls, but also for the festivities of the New Year, that the small family flew to a destination paradise.
In the program, beach days lazing around , stand up paddle and crazy laughter accomplices. Accompanied by a group of friends, the couple of stars and their children took advantage of a dream holiday in a sublime setting. On social networks, the actress known for her roles in the first saga X-Men and in the series Ugly Betty did not hesitate to publish several pictures of this trip. And the least we can say is that Rebecca Romijn has all the assets to make more than one dream!
At 44 years old, the ex-model displays a silhouette always as tonic and curves to make pale envy. It must be said that the actress is not the type to let go. Very sporty, the sublime blonde indeed sports beautiful abs and curved legs.