Reign Season 4: Decline of hearings, actors … An inevitable departures canceled?

Cinema 23 November, 2016

The Reign series was renewed narrowly for a fourth season as the broadcast of Season 3 was jerky. Should we expect that the fourth is also the last?

reign-saison-2-mary-elizabeth-ennemi-mechanteWhile the release date of season 4 Reign was announced there less than a week by the CW, one can not help but wonder if this season will be the last to Mary, Queen of Scots. The series created by Laurie McCarthy has always struggled to find its place and its audience on The CW. With an average first hearings over 1.5 million viewers for season 1, the average s’ has quickly close the million and last year it was rare that the hearings be greater than this number . Besides, it has felt since the chain did not seem to know where to place the series or any other series with the set pairs. First broadcast on Thursday, she then moved to Friday, and Monday to Friday before returning for his fourth season which will air from 10 February. However, the chain has always renewed the show, besides the CW does not expect such high hearings that her sisters of US networks.
This year it will be broadcast on Friday evening so, in the second part of the evening, first after The Vampire Diaries , and then after the season 4 of The Originals . Both vampire series Julie Plec not wearing very well – it’s also the last season of The Vampire Diaries – we doubt that they can be traced hearings Reign , on the contrary … But that ‘ is not all, in addition to hearings at half-mast, the series loses little by little some of the main characters . Reign is a series of historical fiction, it still relies on real events, although they are often highly romanticized. So, last season we lost the King Francis, since in the history of France, and Mary were married him only a year before he died. The actor Toby Regbo therefore no longer part of the cast and it does not really more fans. But that’s not all, as season after season, Mary lost those who constituted his court, her friends. First Aylee and Kenna, Greer and Lola finally at the end of last season that died beheaded for treason by order of the Queen of England, Elizabeth the First.
And as if that were not enough, Torrance Coombs, who plays Bash, has decided to leave the series . Admittedly, this is understandable because the poor still inherited the worst intrigues of the series, but this only reinforces the idea that the series loses little by little the characters that fans love so much. Fortunately, Catherine is still there, but with Mary who now lives in Scotland, we should not see them interact and this promises already greatly missed in the series . You’ll understand that the series is not in the best of positions and there is concern that various departures of players feel the hearings. This would damage the case that the series stops because there are still many things to say about Mary, even if its end of life was not very happy. We still have to see remarry, trying to recover his throne and above avenge the death of Lola. It will wait for more and hope nevertheless that future episodes of season 4 Reign will rise. What do you think?