Reign season 4: Episode 1, Mary, Elizabeth and Catherine ready to do anything to keep their power, our criticism

Cinema 12 February, 2017

Last night, the American channel The CW broadcast episode 1 of Season 4 of Reign. Then discover our review of “With Friends Like These”, as well as the promotional video of the next episode.
Reign is finally back after months of waiting to present us his ultimate season, and the least we can say is that it begins on the hats with an episode as we like them. Mary, Elizabeth and Catherine are more determined than ever to retain their power and to get rid of those who stand in the way . Let’s start with what’s happening in Scotland, with Mary. We find our favorite Queen, at the beginning of season 4 of Reign , practicing to handle the sword with his brother James. After what happened to Lola, Mary is more than ever determined to take revenge and if possible dethrone her cousin, Elizabeth. To do it, she has a plan, to marry Lord Darnley, an Englishman who could give her access to the throne. But then, Lord Darnley is not her only suitor and just after Lola’s funeral, she gets taken by Count Clan Gordon, a Catholic who wants her to marry her son. We rejoice once again to see that Mary does not need anyone to save her since she comes out of this situation alone. Then she does not hesitate to put her brother in his place when he questions his choices and orders . If we are not sure whether to trust James, we applaud the way Mary handled the situation with her brother – what a Queen!
In England, the atmosphere is also mistrustful, especially since Elizabeth almost got murdered. She also learns that Mary wants to marry Lord Darnley and is determined to stop this alliance before it happens. She finds the help of her faithful Gideon, who can not help but want to protect Mary by investigating what really happened with Lola. He brings evidence to Elizabeth that Mary was not the latest assassination attempt but that it was the famous John Knox who did everything to make sure they would be against each other. In an effort of reconciliation, Gideon asks Elizabeth to calm the tensions with her cousin, but the latter explains that they can never be friends and that she prefers to keep her distance to avoid attaching herself. Her speech is poignant and shows once again that despite being queen, she can not do what she wants, especially because of the men around her.
In France, Catherine is visited by her other daughter, Leeza, who is also the Queen of Spain. At that time, Spain is a great kingdom and a powerful ally to whom we certainly must not turn our backs. That is why, when Leeza suggests that Claude marries Martel de Guise, Catherine sees herself in an impasse. She has no desire to unite the Valois and Guise because she despises them, but at the same time she is badly told “no” to the Queen of Spain. But Catherine always has a plan in mind and this one consists, quite simply, in killing Martel. Ah, Catherine, what did you miss? She therefore passed the murder of Martel for a suicide to protect her daughter and her power. Unfortunately, this does not reassure Leeza who fears that the French throne will be taken over by the Protestants. In fact, she decides to remain “indefinitely” until it is settled. We did not bother a single second before this episode of Reign and next week promises to be just as exciting, just to see the promo video that is above. Moreover, know that you can find the details of the first three episodes of Season 4 of Reign , on melty. What did you think of this episode?