Reign season 4: Episode 12, what will happen?

Cinema 7 May, 2017

Episode 12 of Season 4 of Reign will air on May 12 on the American channel The CW. We suggest you discover what awaits you in “The Shakedown”.
Mary and Darnley are not going anywhere, because the latter is ready to do anything to get more power and he does not hesitate to threaten his wife. Indeed, in Episode 11 of Reign’s Season 4 , Darnley once again insists on getting the matrimonial crown, even threatening Mary to tell everyone that the child she is wearing Is not him. Mary is going to have to find a way to get her husband away from the court and Scotland to protect her throne. According to the promotional video of the upcoming episode of Reign , which you can see below, Darnley will no longer live with Mary, but he will convince her to let him return to the Scottish court. Bothwell will warn Mary against Darnley, But she needs him politically . John Knox will stand up against it again and Darnley’s support could be an advantage.
Indeed, in “The Shakedown” , when a terrible earthquake shook Scotland, Mary will face John Knox who accuses him of not coming to help his people . The latter will never stop his mission of seeing the Scottish queen dethroned and it is hoped that Mary will find a way to defend herself without giving too much power to Darnley. In England, Elizabeth will have to take drastic measures while her secret liaison with Gideon will be discovered. Finally, in France, Charles will make a decision that will turn against him and one can not help thinking that it will have a link with the formula that Catherine recited to bring him more strength. Besides, in the promo, we can see Narcisse putting Catherine on guard against her actions. To help you wait until next week, we suggest you read our review of Episode 11 of Reign’s Season 4 , on Melty. What do you think ?