Reign season 4: Episode 14, what will happen?

Cinema 25 May, 2017

Find out what’s in store for Reign’s Season 4 episode 14, which will air on June 2, on the US channel The CW.
In episode 13 of Season 4 of Reign , Mary lost one of her loyal friends and advisers, Rizzio, because of the jealousy and misogyny of the Scottish Ends. Fortunately, the Queen of Scotland knows how to react in a crisis situation and she managed to escape from the castle with the help of Darnley. Now that she has joined both Bothwell and the rest of her allies, Mary will have to be ingenious in regaining control over her country and the Lords. In Reign’s Season 4 Episode 14 , entitled “A Bride, A Box, A Body.” Mary will attack and want to avenge Rizzio’s death, but while Mary can be seen confronting John Knox in the video Promo episode, below,
Darnley, again and again, this man who has eyes only for power and who does not hesitate to turn against his wife as soon as he has the opportunity. Whatever happens, his need for attention and his quest for the throne will always be superior to his loyalty to Mary. But this time, it seems Mary is no longer willing to excuse the puerile behavior of her husband. Will Darnley soon die? That is what the queen wants in any case. For her part, if Elizabeth is finally engaged, she must not rejoice so quickly because something will happen that will upset her world. Additionally, video promo tease also the return to the front of the scene of the opposition and the conflict between Mary and Elizabeth. While waiting to see this episode, We propose you to discover the date of diffusion of the final series of Reign , on melty. What do you think ?