Reign Season 4: Episode 14, when will it air?

Cinema 28 May, 2017

Find out when Episode 14 of Reign’s Season 4 will air!
As you may have noticed, there was no new episode of Reign’s Season 4, as episode 14 was not broadcast by the CW. Indeed, it is the weekend preceding Memorial Day and the programs are often upset for the occasion. But, do not panic, Reign will be back next week since episode 14 will air Friday, June 2! We will have to be a bit patient before we discover how Mary will decide to avenge the death of Rizzio and manage the betrayal of the Scottish Lords. Fortunately, the Queen of Scotland can always count on the support of her faithful Bothwell and some allies. But when Mary and Darnley were finally reconciled to their common enemies,
After several forgivable mistakes, Mary might decide it’s time for her to stop Darnley once and for all. How will she get rid of him? Can she really have her husband killed without any repercussions? Meanwhile, in England, Elizabeth will be far from appreciating a happy engagement, since something will totally upset her plans. What can it be? As we approach the end of the series, we also wonder how the conflict between the two queens – Mary and Elizabeth – will come to an end and it seems that their differences are back on the scene in the ” Episode 14. While waiting to learn more, you can always read our review of Episode 13 of Season 4 of Reign , On melty. What do you expect from this episode?