Reign Season 4: Episode 2, Mary vs. Elizabeth, War Continues, Our Critic

Last night, The CW was broadcasting episode 2 of Season 4 of Reign, for which we offer you our criticism!
Women of power! After months of absence, Reign made his return last week with episode 1 of season 4, for which we offer our criticism . This week, it is the sequel that we discover on The CW with “A Grain of Deception” . As rich in twists as the first season, this new episode did not fail to seduce us. From the outset, Elizabeth’s men address a bloody message to Mary by cutting the hand of a farmer from a village in the pay of our heroine and stealing the cargo of living for the villagers. Mary is obviously furious about this third consecutive attack and wants to discover how the English can know the movements of cargo. Of course, the culprit will be unmasked before the end of the episode thanks to a small strategy put in place by Mary, with the help of Greer. So she worries about being able to marry Lord Darnley, which her brother sees with an evil eye, believing she must first save her country. It was a pleasure to see Greer and Mary together again, and we can not deny that we are missing the time when the Queen of Scotland was surrounded by her followers. Beyond her relationship with Greer, that of Mary and her brother wins in depth and resentment, so we begin to think that the latter might become dangerous for her,
In England, Elizabeth still holds Narcissus and is surprised that her proposed release to France has not received a reply, but she is still trying to harm Mary, notably by keeping Lord Darnley away from her . The court also faces the return of John Knox and despite Gideon’s reluctance, Elizabeth reminds her that they have no evidence of his treason and that his coming means that he does not know how to be suspect. Narcissus is surprised by what he will use to counter the projects of Elizabeth. In fact, he meets Knox and proposes to him a tempting project which has the consequence to return 50 of the subjects of the queen against her. Could this be the beginning of the end for Elizabeth? For the moment, she insists on preserving her crown and ordering the murder of all drafts.
On the side of the court of France, which remains the most interesting part of the series. Catherine seeks to bring back Narcissus, but Charles does not seem to care about the fate of Narcissus. She also has to manage the relationship between her two daughters and it does not mean that Leesa is particularly critical and that she becomes a character whom we love to hate. The latter seems to want to extend the power of Spain over France, which Catherine can not tolerate. For her, it becomes urgent to bring back Narcisse and she will do everything possible to do this. Unfortunately, it seems she is the only one who has this ambition and finds herself alone at a banquet she has organized. Ultimately, it is Charles who seems to sign the agreement for the liberation of Narcissus, But the young king might soon know a funeral destiny. Although we remain very attached to the destinies of France and Mary, Narcisse manages to make the intrigue involving Elizabeth exalting and we wonder how far he can go to bring down the woman who ordered the death of his wife. From now on, discover all the details of episode 3 of Reign’s season 4! What did you think of this episode? Episode 3 of Reign’s Season 4! What did you think of this episode? Episode 3 of Reign’s Season 4! What did you think of this episode?

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