Reign Season 4: Episode 8, Mary flirts with another man, what will happen?

Cinema 4 April, 2017

Episode 8 of Reign’s Season 4 will air on April 7th on the US channel The CW. You will then discover what awaits you in “Unchartered Waters”.
Mary had to face a news that broke her heart in Reign’s Season 4 episode 7 , as she discovered that Darnley had reconnected with her ex, Keira. Betrayed by her fiance, the Queen of Scotland decided that the marriage would indeed take place, but that their union would be purely and simply political. One can imagine that the relations between the two characters will be particularly tense in the next episode, not to mention that the marriage is fast approaching. In “Unchartered Waters” , a terrible tragedy will separate Darnley and Mary and she will be forced to ask Catherine for help . We are really looking forward to see the two women together anyway, their duet we have been missing since last season!
But if Darnley could not resist the temptation in the last episode of Reign , it would seem that Mary herself is plagued by the same problem in episode 8. Indeed, in the episode’s promo video, Which you can see above, it can be seen in the company of Lord Bothwell and their behavior suggests that they have much more than sympathy for each other . Is Mary going to be seduced by another man when she is about to marry Darnley? For her part, Elizabeth will meet a Spanish traitor who will ask her to finance an expedition to the New World. This promises to be a hectic episode and we can not wait to learn more about this mysterious Bothwell. To help you wait, We suggest you to read our program of the week with iZombie, The Get Down and Prison Break . What do you think ?