Reign Season 4: Full details on the first episodes!

Cinema 3 January, 2017

Discover the synopses of the first three episodes of Reign’s season 4, which will be released on February 10 on the CW.
In just over a month, the Reign series is finally back with his fourth and final season . There is still a lot of ground to cover for the life of Mary Queen of Scotland, and we imagine then that the pace of the season will be fairly sustained. You are then offered to discover what awaits you in the first episodes since the CW has unveiled the synopses of the first three. In “With Friends Like These” , the season premiere, Mary is determined to avenge the death of her friend Lola . But not knowing yet who to trust in Scotland, she will test the loyalty of her brother James after hearing that he had a meeting with John Knox. Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth will agree to help Lord Darnley in the hope of sabotaging the relationship he has with Mary. Moreover, we should also have an overview of what is happening in France on the side of Catherine, Charles and the others.
In the episode, titled “A Grain of Deception” which will air on February 17 on the CW , Mary discovers that there is a traitor among his advisors and will do everything possible to discover who he is. As for Elizabeth, she will ask for help Narcisse to continue his quest for supremacy – the latter he will accept help after what she did to Lola? Meanwhile, in France, Catherine will take drastic measures to regain the power she has lost. Finally, in episode 3 titled “Leaps of Faith” which will air on February 24 Gideon show to Mary what her life might look like if she chose love rather than his country. For its part, Catherine Battera to hide the behavior increasingly erratic Charles while Claude discovers that his sister Leeza could actually be an enemy. That announcement early season on top speed, and know also that the end of Season 4 Reign could end with the death of SPOILER – if you want to know more, click here! What do you think ?