Reign season 4: Marriage, baby, new characters … Adelaide Kane (Mary) confides in the last season! (EXCLUDED)

Cinema 14 January, 2017

Discover the confessions of Adelaide Kane, the star of Reign, with whom we were able to discuss Reign season 4, pay attention to the spoilers!
Last Monday, we had the chance to meet the actress Adelaide Kane, star of the series Reign and therefore the interpreter of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots to show the CW. It is in a relaxed atmosphere that the actress has revealed to us some spoilers crunchy on the last season of the series. Indeed, Season 4 Reign will unfortunately be the last because it was canceled by the CW it some time ago. The final season will start on the 10th of February in the United States and we propose you to discover some info on the intrigues to come. Moreover, also know that Season 3 Reign will soon be broadcast on the French channel 6b.
What can you tell us about Season 4?
Adelaide Kane: It’ll be great! Season 4 is great. I think this is our best season. I remarry, so we meet but second husband, and also my future third husband, he becomes a friend and confidant and helps me through a difficult period. […] It’s very fun, the occasion was to see her live this. I do not know if this is a spoiler or if people are already aware … It’s history anyway so I’ll pretend it was not a spoiler, but Mary gets pregnant and gives birth To a little boy, the future King James. What is great because I love children, I love babies and I was lucky to have a baby on the set which was awesome and very entertaining!
Will there be other tragic deaths?
Adelaide Kane: There are more deaths … I would say that there is not as much as in Season 3. And perhaps not always death in the literal sense, but the ‘dead’ relations The ‘death’ of friendships, the ‘death’ of political alliances. So there will still be a lot of deaths, but it will not be as devastating as in season 3.
If you could bring back one of the characters of death, who would it be?
Adelaide Kane: Francis. Of course Francis! My new husband would not be here, he would disappear in a mysterious way! (Laughs)
If you could play in another series now, what would it be?
Adelaide Kane: Westworld or Outlander. […] I watched the first season of the plane and Westworld Westworld is great, so fascinating! Yes, I’d love to play in Westworld, fingers crossed (laughs) !
What can you tell us about the new characters?
Adelaide Kane: For the Scottish Court, we Will Kemp who plays Lord Darnley, my second husband and this is a very fun but also very problematic relationship, and Will’s great. It’s a fantastic Darnley, like the little dirty boyfriend you want to hate but you like anyway. And then we also have Adam Croasdell playing Bothwell, who is also very nice to work and very fun even if we could not take this plot as far as we would have liked it because the series ends. We would have explored this more during Season 5 if we had been renewed. We also have new characters at the Court of France, and plenty of interesting new intrigues in this new season.
Did not you have to work with Megan Follows?
Adelaide Kane: Yes! I missed working with Megan. But her character makes a trip to Scotland, I would not tell you why, but she comes to Scotland so we could work together for some scenes, which was very nice. But I really do not want to work with her because she is such a good actress and I feel like I have always learned so much from her side. But, she’s in France, I could not steal her!
What can you tell us about the series you’ve never said before?
Adelaide Kane: Someone gets sick. Someone, in the new season, falls ill and goes mad, just like King Henry II … I can not tell you who else, I’m going to have problems, but someone gets crazy, really crazy.
Can you tease Mary a bit in this last season?
Adelaide Kane: I think Mary is growing very fast in season 4. She is desperately trying to follow the choices she has made. Some of the choices she made are not the wisest and she will be questioning again. There will be a sort of power struggle between her and Lord Darnley and even more than before the difficulty of being a woman in power with men who try to take him [will be emphasized, note] . What do you think ?