Reign Season 4: Mary, Elizabeth and Catherine in the heart of the first trailer!

Cinema 19 January, 2017

Discover the very first trailer of season 4 of Reign, which will be broadcast from February 10 next on the CW.
In a little less than a month, season 4 of Reign will finally be launched on the CW, and although we know that this is the last we have never been so looking forward to seeing the show. And if you are not yet, just take a look at the first trailer of the series that has just been unveiled by the CW. Inside we find our three queens, Mary, Catherine and Elizabeth, all three being confess . We appreciate that the series once again put these three forces of nature forward and if the trailer does not reveal any unpublished image, we still learn some things thanks to the confessions of the three queens.
Without too many surprises, Catherine confesses that she has had many lovers, but what concerns us concerns her children. She said she gave birth to “monsters” . Does she refer to Charles? In any case, if one believes the synopsis of episode 3 of season 4 of Reign , Charles will have an “erratic behavior” , which would explain the words of Catherine. For its part, Elizabeth confesses her jealousy of her cousin – we already know – and we imagine that his desire to destroy Mary will take a turn more violent this season. Finally, we learn that Mary is remarried and that this marriage is apparently not going very well since she says that her husband “wants to kill her” and that she is attracted by another man! One imagines that the man in question is most certainly Bothwell, as to her husband it must be Lord Darnley. Finally here that promises a thrilling last season, in addition, be aware that you can find the confessions of Adelaide Kane (Mary) on season 4 of Reign in our exclusive interview on melty. What do you think ?