Reign season 4: War is declared between Mary and Elizabeth in a new trailer

Cinema 4 February, 2017

Discover a new trailer of Season 4 of Reign, which will air from February 10 on the American channel The CW.
D-6! In less than a week, the fourth and final season will Reign on The CW and to plunge into the atmosphere of the series, we invite you to discover a new trailer that contains lots of new images. If it was never mad love between Mary and Elizabeth, the war was officially declared them at the end of season 3, especially when Elizabeth was assassinated Lola . The race for power – and especially for storage – will therefore continue in this final season Reign . One thing is for sure, this new trailer shows that it will not be easy and that the dead are still to be foreseen – even if they will certainly be less tragic than those of the previous season.
So which of Mary or Elizabeth will win? If you know history, you may know already the answer … Meanwhile, we know that many surprises awaiting us in Season 4 Reign, as we told Adelaide Kane during our interview with her . New enemies, new allies, Wedding, Baby, Mary’s life will change dramatically all in this last chapter and we look forward to seeing how our heroine faces the new challenges that will stand in his way and power. One thing is certain, we are eager to discover all the new characters, especially those who will share Mary’s life and hope that the end of the series will live up to our expectations! What do you think ?