Released in love for the handsome football, Olivier Giroud and his wife Jennifer

Entertainment 29 November, 2016

A small canvas, getaway, without the kids, that’s the recipe for a great evening. Olivier Giroud and Jennifer were allowed to exit a friendly couple, for the premiere of “I Am Bolt.” The difference is that their tryst was done under the flashes of photographers …

olivier-et-jennifer-giroud-1Giroud The couple was offered a small output in love Monday night. On the occasion of the premiere of I Am Bolt , a documentary about the legend of athletics Usain Bolt , Olivier Giroud and Jennifer were displayed very in love. Embracing on the red carpet of the Odeon cinema, in the heart of London, the couple has not been reluctant to pose for the photographers.
Olivier Giroud and Jennifer live in London for four years, with their children Jade and Evan . This is for the man’s career that the couple moved in the British capital on the occasion of his transfer in 2012 to the club Arsenal where he is a striker.
Blue is married since the summer of 2011 to Jennifer. A little girl named Jade comes bigger family in 2013. In March, Jennifer gave birth to a little boy named Evan. Like many couples, Jennifer and Olivier Giroud crossed well tests. Suspected in 2014 by the British tabloids for having deceived his wife Celia Kay, a lingerie model, Olivier Giroud had to publicly apologize. But even in the worst of the turmoil, Jennifer has never abandoned. Discreet, she came out of her relative anonymity in defense of his rights and give him new credibility. The proof in pictures again Monday night.