Reproductive Health – Vasectomy among young fathers

Health 20 November, 2016

etablissement-scolaireYoung fathers engage in vasectomy. Some testify to their experiences.

This is the thirty two men decided to stop forever their chance to be the umpteenth time, father. Recently, André Razafindrazaka a father of four children, aged 36, committed himself. “For 15 years now my wife has used contraceptive methods. I feel sorry for her because she can not gain weight. I then took the initiative to go to vasectomy. My goal now is to devote myself to my family, especially my children, so they can succeed in life later, “expresses this young father. It was at the Café de la Gare in Soarano yesterday as part of the celebration of World Day of vasectomy, organized by Marie Stopes Madagascar (MSM).
Fara Ranivolalaharisoa Juliette’s wife Benjamina Randriamalala, known for its name artist “Benja Gasy” which is already surgically severing the vas deferens that carry his sperm, it was 20 years ago, (then he was in his thirties) says this vasectomy had no impact, or in their relationship, or in the husband’s health. “We have not regretted, because already we had the number of children that we have desired, and then nothing changed, except that our life has improved,” she says .

Benja Gasy goes on to say that his power has not dropped a notch, after minor surgery.
“I still participated in sports competitions I’ve won, after my surgery,” says t -he.
the MSM account since 2006, 2,780 men who chose vasectomy. Most are family men. Moreover, it is a required test for this operation is irreversible. Once it is decided, we can never hope to have a child. Doctors, however, encourage the involvement of men in reproductive health. “This is a very simple and efficient operation that can be performed in Madagascar. It has no impact on health, “reassures Dr. Voahirana Rarivomalanto responsible clinical quality within the MSM. From the social point of view, vasectomy can guarantee the reduction of the numbers of unwanted pregnancies, but also reduce the maternal mortality rate, which is often caused by a complication of pregnancy. But this can also improve the living conditions of a family, because couples can invest more in the welfare of the family.

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