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Entertainment 27 January, 2018


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Among the fans of Johnny Hallyday, it is one that matters more than the other for his inconsolable wife. Richard Tarroux, alias, Richy, imitates the singer for a quarter of a century. His friendship and dedication are a comfort to be valuable for Laeticia.

We had left the 9th of December in the streets of Paris, among the tens of thousands of fans of Johnny Hallyday raised between the place de la Concorde and the place de la Madeleine. Richard Tarroux had come on purpose to Montpellier, where he resides. For the last twenty-five years, this man with the imposing case is one of the many look-alikes of the idol.

In the latest VOD, it was the confirmation that Richy is not ” one ” but ” the ” look-alike of Johnny. After the impersonator Laurent Gerra, who had stated that Héraultais was the best lookalike in circulation, Richard says that “Jojo” as previously thought. This dubbed certainly explains the special relationship that man shares with the widow of the star. ” I have ties that are very close with all his family. Laeticia, I’ve known very small “, he explains in VOD. The reason is simple : Richy attended the clan Boudou even before that Johnny is a part of it : “I know them all, the father, the mother, the grandmother. “

The Boudou know that the admiration of this man tying is sincere : “I was a huge fan, the kind to pick up his cigarette butts. “Not content with having seen a good fifty times on stage, Richy figure to the side of Johnny in the movie of Claude Lelouch Each in his life. Fanjusqu’the end, he went to see his model at a concert of the Old Scoundrels in the city of Carcassonne : “Vocally, he was amazing. “This is a rock faithful on which Laeticia will be able to rely.

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