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Entertainment 27 January, 2018


Regarded as the look-alike’s number 1 Johnny Hallyday, Richard Tarroux alias Richy appears in a different light in a video released by The Point in which he supports Marine Le Pen.

Very asked in an interview, overwhelmed by the demands of representation, Richard Tarroux does not know any more where to give head. Since the death of his idol, the famous impersonator of Johnny Hallyday, from the sweet stage name Richy, is more than ever the centre of attention. A video tour in April 2017 and exited from the website of The magazine le Point, however, could disrupt this momentum of sympathy widespread. The registration potentially polemic took place during a meeting of Marine Le Pen during the presidential campaign that pitted the candidate of the National Front to Emmanuel Macron. While the visual campaign of the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen is clearly visible in the background, Richy appears infront of the camera. No mistake about the person: “I’m Richy, artist’s of variety, occasionally sosie Johnny Hallyday “, launches from the outset, the actor. With a tone of voice similar to that of the idol of the young, the look-alike then adds: “I am here this evening to support the candidacy of Marine Le Pen in the hope, of course, that all the conditions will be met for it to be elected. Then I accompanied at the same time master Collard, Gilbert Collard, who is a friend”.

Suffice to say that the document in question may not appeal to all fans of Johnny Hallyday. Richy did, however, make office look-alike favorite of Johnny Hallyday. To such A point that Claude Lelouch in person had appealed to him in the last year to play alongside his idol in the film to Each his own life. Over the years, Richy has also become close to Laeticia Hallyday. “I have ties that are very close with all his family. Laeticia, I’ve known very small”, he explained recently in the pages of VOD. I know them all, father, mother, grand-mother “. A proximity such that, during the tour of the Old Bitches, Richy claims to have discussed with Laeticia Hallyday cancer Johnny. Present at the funeral of the singer, the emotion had been too strong for him and had prompted him to withdraw in order to hide her sorrow. Note that this is not the first time that a dead-ringer for Johnny Hallyday sees its links with the National Front to be exposed to the great day. In October 2015, Johnny Rock, another impersonator of the star, had been immortalized on the side of Florian Philippot, Vice-president of the National Front.

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