Rihanna and Chris Brown get ridiculous text!

Entertainment 20 March, 2017

But what’s going on between Rihanna and Chris Brown? The former couple would be getting closer and closer and would even send nasty textos …
For several weeks Rihanna is in the starting-block . Would the international star be preparing for her big comeback? It must be said that we see it absolutely everywhere. Whether with her new record or her latest ultra sensual cliché, she is in everyone’s mind. Besides, even if Rihanna is unrecognizable on her recent photos , she is simply incredible. And on the love plan then? Since her relationship with Drake, the pretty Barbadian has not been seen in the arms of another beautiful guy. But here, it seems that the young woman decided to take a step back to her ex, Chris Brown . Besides, they would send out some pretty rough text. Ooh La La !
The platonic relationship of Chris Brown and Rihanna has just taken a new turn. For several weeks, the interpreter of “Diamonds” and his ex would send sms hot enough. A source close to Riri told HollywoodLife : “They talk to each other often, it started on social networks and then through messages. Good … They have already gone to the sextos, they are addicted to each other, and it takes a little time for them to fall back into the arms of one and the other . ” Well, well … we did not expect such revelations. Well then, Riri, We will have to make choice choice . On the one hand, we have Drake, who wished Rihanna’s birthday before a huge crowd, and on the other, we find her first love, Chris Brown. Who will conquer the heart of the star?