Rihanna and Chris Brown seen the same evening, the couple rumors revived?

Entertainment 13 January, 2017

If Rihanna and Chris Brown have been seen lately on the same evening, the two artists could well re-pair if we believe the rumors!
Recently, Kendall Jenner was accused of having resorted to plastic surgery. But faced with such criticisms, the young woman of 20 years has not hesitated to clashing his haters by unveiling a scathing message on his application. Suffice to say that she does not have her tongue in her pocket. But it is not the only one to make the buzz on social networks in recent times. Because, Rihanna and Chris were spotted at the same party and users do not know what to think. Is it then a mere coincidence or a clue that prove that both celebrities are close again? That is the question everyone is asking. In any case, the rumor swells on the Web. So much so that the fans already imagine the coming return of the couple formed by the Barbadian and Breezy!
And that’s Page Six that brings these indiscretions. According to the US media, Chris Brown came first in the Club Up & Down to New York . As for Rihanna , it’s an hour later she landed in turn, always at the forefront of style. But did the two celebrities spend the evening together? Apparently not if you believe a source who was speaking to Page Six . And yet, for Internet users, there is still doubt. Because even if the interpreter of “Loyal” is displayed together with her friend Vanessa Vargas on photos to find HERE , many fans who have wondered if this was not a way for RiRi Breezy and go unnoticed and to keep their relationship secret . Difficult then to know the truth. Case to follow so! In any case, the return of the couple Rihanna and Chris Brown completely affolerait the Web. Like when the exorbitant price of the gift Drake offered Jennifer Lopez was unveiled. And you, would you like Rihanna and Chris Brown to get back together?