Rihanna and her new guy do not leave each other

Entertainment 29 June, 2017

Has Rihanna found love again or is she simply having fun with her summer crush? In any case, she does not leave her new guy.
So good, couple or not couple? For a few days, all eyes are on Rihanna. Yes, the international singer made a sensation on new personal photos. While she is currently in Spain for a few days of vacation, Rihanna was seen embracing a stranger in a swimming pool . Kissing torrid and champagne flowing afloat, she seems to pass (very) good time with Hassan Jaamel. Heir to a large global company, he is also known as Naomi Campbell’s former boyfriend. In any case, if it is not yet known if their couple is really serious, Rihanna and Hassan Jaamel do not leave each other any more …
Has Rihanna just kicked her old relationship with Chris Brown and Drake ? In any case, if the interpreter of “Wild Thoughts” has a habit of remaining very discreet about his private life, it has now posted with Hassan Jaamel without complex. As you can see in the pictures by clicking HERE and HERE , the young millionaire and the singer, who just leave with a coffee in hand, follow each other closely. According to the media The Sun , Riri and Hassan Jaamel have known each other for several months and would try very much in love with each other. Is it really a mere love affair, summer ? Only time will tell. In any case, a new rumor has been running on the Web for a few hours: Rihanna would have planned to steal the ex of Naomi Campbell from the beginning. Ouch, it stings!