Rihanna and Jay Z ultra close together without Beyonce!

Entertainment 12 February, 2017

There are a few who seem to have a good time. Rihanna and Jay Z were ultra close this weekend. But where is Beyonce?
It’s THE big event this weekend! Yes, as you know meltynauts, the grand ceremony of the Grammy Awards will take place this Sunday. Celebrities from around the world are expected for this exceptional evening. Several performances are expected. If we know that Beyoncé, pregnant, will sing well during the 2017 Grammy Awards , Justin Bieber confirmed that he would not tread the red carpet. Too bad, damage to the Beliebers. To get back to Queen B , we will finally see the international singer on the front of the stage and she will not be alone. Pregnant twins, Bey will make her very first official appearance since her big announcement on Instagram. It is an awaited return and carefully prepared by Beyoncé. But then, is that why she did not attend the Pre-Grammy brunch? In any case, Jay Z was there and he was very close to a certain Rihanna …
The return of Beyoncé is highly anticipated by the Hollywood all . This is Queen B anyway! Did the preparations for his comeback have been a hindrance to his presence during the traditional Pre-Grammy brunch? In any case, this did not prevent Jay Z from going there, just like Rihanna. As we know, the relationship between Riri and the American rapper has always been more than professional. Both celebrities would have even had an affair in the past. In any case, the gossips about them do not seem to have been right with them. During this brunch, Rihanna and Jay Z spoke quite a lot of time together and even shared a hug. One wonders what Beyoncé must think of all this? In any case, today, we wonder if Rihanna is ready to go back with Drake . Separated from JLo, he would do everything to regain the love of the interpreter of “Diamonds” . Good Luck Drake!