Rihanna: Anti, MTV VMAs, Grammy Awards, how she carded in 2016

Entertainment 31 December, 2016

Notwithstanding some, Rihanna has more than insured in 2016. From Anti to the next Grammy Awards through the MTV VMAs, she was everywhere!
Work, work, work, work! As you were told yesterday that the coronation of Beyonce at the Grammy Awards 2017 is expected through the album Lemonade it unleashed such a godsend in April, there is another who has been busy this year. It’s obviously Rihanna! Now aged 28, the Barbadian has reigned over the charts of the world over the last twelve months. And this, thanks to the release of Anti his eighth (!) Album available since 28 January. More eclectic and less commercial, the disc did not fail to make noise. A lot of noise ! 16 songs and 50 minutes, one we discovered with “Pon De Replay” proved she could do everything , turn everything into gold. And it just has to see the extracts singles Anti understanding that the former darling of Drake’s fearless.
“Work” presented the dancehall to date, “Kiss It Better” allowed him to propose a clip sulfur and ultra minimalist, “Needed Me” we showed it more dangerous than ever and “Love On The Brain” is The ultimate proof that she sings better than other pop stars that one will not cite. And reversing the biggest hits of Rihanna ( “Stay”, “Diamonds”, “We Found Love”) , we realized that the singer we especially helped through the last 12 months in the greatest calm. Because as rightly reminds the website Jezebel , the interpreter of “S & M” was everywhere this year. Output Anti January, Fenty by Puma in February, launching the Anti World Tour in March, Coachella in April, Billboard Music Awards in May, the anniversary of Nicole Sherzinger with Drake in June, concerts in France in July, the medley MTV Video Music Awards in August , formal relationship with Drake in September, beginning of filming Ocean’s 8 October, meeting with Prince Harry in November and output RiRih package in December.
You will have understood, in 2016, Rihanna made the rain and the weather of the people – but not that! If we speak of the love triangle greatly Rihanna / Drake / Jennifer Lopez these days, it goes without saying that the Barbadian will have no trouble talking to her soon for his music . “This Is What You Came For” by Calvin Harris and the controversial “Famous” Kanye West are proof that even leading its various front quarries, Rihanna still has time to transform the singles of other real tubes. And because our playlist New Year includes singles from Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga , we have more than looking forward to in 2017. Yes, it was on February 12 that will take the Grammy Awards . Anti is named, like “Work” , “Needed Me” and “Kiss It Better” . And wishing you a very good New Year, keep in mind that Rihanna is preparing very heavy for 2017! And you, what do you think of Rihanna?