Rihanna chains the feat, a collaboration with an iconic pop star to foresee?

Entertainment 20 June, 2017

A rumor Rihanna wanted to collaborate with an iconic pop star. The Barbadian singer has just denied but she dreams of working with the main concerned.
The collaborations between pop stars, it goes that comes! Rihanna will soon be appearing in a new hit “Loyalty” with Kendrick Lamar, with her new single “Wild Thoughts” featuring DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller . And the star stops working so much with so many people, that rumors swell every week about future collaborations of RiRi with other artists! The latest? Rihanna would have been approached to appear on the next album of Christina Aguilera for a duet unpublished . Info or intox ? The answer below!
If pop fans quickly got excited about the idea that Rihanna and Xtina are soon collaborating on a common title, the superstar hastened to deny this information . Indeed, Rihanna has directly how the post Instagram of one of his fans: “I dream of it, but it is not true” . In denying the rumor, Rihanna still tends a pole to Christina Aguilera by letting it know that she would be open for a future collaboration . We’re serious hot for it to happen! Come on, now there’s more to cross your fingers … Meanwhile, RiRi has just seen his hit “Love On The Brain” certified double platinum disc .