Rihanna clashed by Drake, will she answer?

Entertainment 3 January, 2017

It’s the war between Drake and Rihanna. The two ex start spikes each turn. Will the singer respond to the clash of the rapper?
Nothing goes between Rihanna and her former boyfriend, Drake . Yes, the time when the rapper told him his love before the whole Hollywood seems to be over. Today, the star has moved on to something else and is not afraid to show it. As you know, Drake and Jennifer Lopez are couple . The two personalities displayed more love and complicity than ever on Instagram. And if there was only that! For the New Year, JLo and interpreter of “One Dance” were very tender toward one another. On top of that, Drake did not hesitate to clash his former girlfriend. As we know, Huey respondent and fans of the Barbadian singer eagerly awaiting his response. Yes but what ?
During his show on New Year which, incidentally, was just explosive, Drake Clashe Rihanna … well, their title in common. Yes, for him, their planetary tube “Work” is “the past” . Ouch! This will not necessarily please the young woman! As we know, Rihanna is not a person who is allowed to make and when she’s not happy, she proves it (the cuckoo unfollow of JLo ). A great fan of social networks, we know that she never hesitates to send hidden messages on the Web. For now, Rihanna has remained very silent … Is preparing his revenge? Attention to you Drake! Stay tuned. So, in your opinion, will Rihanna respond to Drake’s clash