Rihanna completely stuffed for the New Year!

Entertainment 2 January, 2017

If the New Year has been hectic for some celebrities, this is clearly the case for Rihanna. The singer ended her evening completely stuffed!
We are finally in 2017, the year already looks full of twists . Because, when it was thought the only friends, Kendall Jenner and Jordan Clarkson kissed on Christmas Eve and they created a real buzz on social networks. Yes, the surfers were quickly surprised to see the two celebrities make a tender kiss when midnight rang. But does this mean that the model and the basketball player will soon formalize their relationship? It’s possible. And if that’s the case, then they will become quickly a couple in vogue like that of Drake and Jennifer Lopez who will leave more. But no need to be accompanied for fun! The proof with Rihanna who spent Eve madness . Only problem? The interpreter of “Needed Me” was a bit too forced on the drink …
And it is London that was found Rihanna . Visibly in the evening with friends, the young woman of 28 years madly amused. And she needed it! Because yes, for some time, the Barbadian is on all fronts and connects numerous projects such as the next appearances in the series Bates Motel and the filming of Ocean’s 8 . So, December 31 was a perfect evening to unwind. But apparently, Riri got a little carried away on the champagne. Moreover, a video was not slow to make its appearance on the Web. A mini clip in which you can see the star visibly tangled. Surrounded by bodyguards, the singer seems to have a bit of trouble holding on two legs . An evening she will not forget so soon. In any case, if Riri seems to have been a little too loose, the last video of his ex-boyfriend will not please him. Because, Drake did not hesitate to clashing Rihanna on New Year’s night. And you, a New Year’s Eve with Rihanna, anyone?