Rihanna: Drake changes his tattoo for Jennifer Lopez!

Entertainment 1 February, 2017

Drake has definitely drawn a line on Rihanna and intends to prove it with a special tattoo to prove his love to Jennifer Lopez!
If Drake was recently overview with a porn actress, he has to prove his loyalty to Jennifer Lopez . The singer would have absolutely no worry to be done because the rapper is very in love with her. To prove his love, Drake is desperate to reassure his girlfriend about his feelings. “He wants to stop any speculation, any worries, any doubts that Jennifer Lopez about him could do him a bad shot.” , Explained a source at the website Hollywood Life . And for that, Drake does not go by four ways in making a radical decision. “He is determined to show the permanently covering the tattoo he did with Rihanna and replace it with the name of J-Lo.”, Added the indiscreet. If the bomba latina is to be touched by this attention, there is one that must be much less content!
Drake and Rihanna were made to the same tattoo shape of a shark to symbolize their love because it reminded them of a special day at the aquarium. But this romance is now the past for the rapper who is always love Jennifer Lopez . “He’s serious about JLo, his beauty and intellect, his sex appeal and his body, and he will not let her go.” , Said the informant. “He wants her tattooed her first name to symbolize their mutual feelings.” JLo is not a woman like any other. “Drake is terrified that another man comes and steals it from him.Tattoos are more permanent a ring . “concluded the source. How romantic it is! That should melt Jennifer Lopez . And according to you, is it a good idea that Drake and JLo make a tattoo to symbolize their love?