Rihanna evacuated for emergency during a concert: his fans were put in danger by invading the backstage Gala

Entertainment 22 August, 2017


Fans hysterical present at the V Festival in England to cheer their idols Jay-Z and Rihanna have tried to invade with violence the backstages of the concert. The stars were able to be evacuated by security.

When admiration becomes dangerous. Monday, August 21, Jay-Z and Rihanna have escaped an invasion of fans in the backstage of V Festival in Essex, England. The incident took place shortly after 23 hours, at the end of the concert, Jay-Z, the festival’s closing ceremony. Rihanna was backstage when a horde of fans hysterical attempted to invade the backstage : VIP-zone, a nightclub outdoors. According to The Sun, a couple dozen security guards took charge of the stars at the time and were evacuated from the dangerous area. They have also been directed to a helicopter in the case where the invaders had slipped through the hands of the guards.

Rihanna and Jay-Z have not undergone any striking. Some admirers, however, were violently pushed back by security and ended up on the ground. The agents in charge of the protection of artists have not done very well, even to wipe off a few shots. A witness heard by The Sun tells the scene : “It was terrifying. A man hit an officer twice in the mouth. Another jumped on the chest of another officer, who was treated in the tent of the first aid. Nobody knew what to do. The security service has lost control. It was really serious. “The singer very admired and rapper dad for the second time unleashed visibly to the crowds.

The two superstars american did not expect, certainly not this to degenerate, they have always shown a very good relationship with their public.


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