Rihanna in clash with Azealia Banks, Beyonce involved in spite of herself

Entertainment 31 January, 2017

It’s the war between Rihanna and Azealia Banks! Even if she did not ask for anything, Beyoncé is also involved in this clash that goes too far …
While Rihanna Drake celebrated with the year of their hit “Work” in the last few days, the singer from Barbados now has other less positive pursuits … For several hours, the interpreter of “What’s My Name “Is indeed the target of the rappeuse Azealia Banks who (as usual) does not mince his words in public. The reason ? Everything started with a tweet (below) where Rihanna criticized President Donald Trump about the #MuslimBan (measures against Muslim immigrants in the US) and since then it’s the war between the two artists! Violently attacked by a rival social network Rihanna has of course responded by repeatedly interposed messages. And now, even Beyoncé is involved despite herself in this tense clash! They tell you the rest.
After sending new messages when she says to sorcery against Rihanna, Azealia Banks has struck again by sending private text message (above) in which the superstar are from these two sentences: “I do not need you to miss anything. Beyoncé is already on your case with something heavy ” . Rihanna message relayed to his millions of followers (with the personal number of Azealia Banks!) Just before posting a selfie of herself mode “you can always cause” . Queen B has not asked for anything, and yet she finds herself in this clash where Azealia Banks already seems to have been knocked out by RiRi. Not sure that she calms her ardor for so much in the coming hours as we know it by heart … We will of course follow this muscular clash. On a more positive note, Rihanna is again certified platinum with two titles ANTI ! Team Rihanna or team Azealia?