Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber … when the fans of the stars become dangerous!

Entertainment 4 June, 2017

Stan? Kezako you’re going to tell us! Well, it’s the contraction of a “stalker” and a “fan”. Harassment, theft or hacking, these people are ready to do anything to touch their ultimate dream: to approach their idol. Yeah, but it’s still a little scary …
We are not going to lie, celebrity has many advantages. So yes, you have the tune, you are in all minds and you are recognized for your talent throughout the world. The beautiful life! But behind the glitter and all the glamor, there are some crosses that some stars can not escape. It was more recently discovered with Brad Pitt, who confessed to having sunk in alcohol. And if it were only that … To become famous is to expose in the eyes of all, and at any time, your life . While many celebrities can rely on their fanbases, others are under daily pressure from more awkward people, the famous stan … Sometimes the people have to face obsessed fans or criminals who, Beforehand, have been well informed about them. If RiRi has paid for it recently , she is not the only one who has been brought to justice for her own safety. We swing these stars who have faced stan too much invasive.
We start with the most recent story, that of RiRi . Arrested last May 23 in front of the singer’s home in New York, the admirer pleaded guilty of property infringement. But there is a small concern since the man in question, Salmir Feratovic, who had already appeared in front of the star’s home in 2016, was released on 24 May. The Rihanna stalkeur would have reaffirmed his desire to meet his idol . Uh … not what! It has to stop !
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber has a lot … but a LOT of fans and a few sometimes go way too far to approach him. This is the case of Dana Martin . While he was serving a prison sentence for murder (already, it freaks out), he made a special request to his former co-detainee. Are you ready ? It’s a little foggy. So we resume: he asked him to catch the Biebs and castrate him with garden shears . Obviously, he would have kept his … hum … intimate parts in memory. No … but seriously ???
Kendall Jenner
Poor Kendall was very scared! While she was at home, Kim Kardashian’s younger sister heard a strange noise . A wind blow ? A bird that passes? Well no … The international model has found in front of its portal Shavaughn McKenzie, a stan too a little too invasive. During her court hearing, Kendall explained that this fan too agonizing had “fixed her long” and then “hit at all the windows” when she asked him to leave. Today, Bella Hadid’s BFF stacker must no longer approach it within 90 meters for the next five years. It’s hot !
Selena Gomez
This is THE flippant moment that will give you cold sweats. In 2012, Selena Gomez was very scared when she learned that a certain Thomas Brodnicki had about 50 conversations with God a day , asking her to kill her. Say whaaaat? Even more crazy than that, the famous Thomas Brodnicki asked Selena Gomez to put in place a restrictive injunction of several years to prevent it approaching. Neither one nor two, Selena Gomez was successful case and stan should not approach him for over three years. Just for info, this story dates from 2012 and we are in 2017 … hum, hum #Creepy
Justin Timberlake
In 2009, poor Justin Timberlake had a stan a little … yes, good a lot … crazy . Karen McNeil, who spent her time in front of the singer’s house at the time, said (you sit) that she was God and that she, along with Justin Timberlake of course, should reign together. No, but that’s not all! She kept saying that the “witches of Babylon” were looking for him to cast a spell on him. Well, it’s not going to surprise you if you’re told she’s in a psychiatric hospital . Roh, for so few see … (No, but seriously, the witches of Babylon what).