Rihanna kissing hot in the pool, she stung Naomi Campbell’s guy

Entertainment 28 June, 2017

The war continues between Rihanna and Naomi Campbell. Sighting embracing a mysterious stranger in the pool, we discover that it is actually the ex of the mannequin.
It’s always very tense between Rihanna and Naomi Campbell. The two international stars have been at war for several months and the former model has tried to ease the tensions during a live on TV. When the presenter of Watch What Happen Live , Andy Cohen, asked her to clarify the situation, Naomi Campbell said: “I have no problem, let alone black women who think they have power. Show who we are and fight for the same thing . ” But here, the last pictures of Rihanna, half naked, embracing a mysterious stranger in a pool is not going to arrange things between them. Why this ? This is Naomi Campbell’s ex !
You feel the clash happen? While she is currently on vacation in Spain, Rihanna took the opportunity to spend a good time with a beautiful stranger. They are discovered then, stick clenched, exchanging torrid kisses and intertwining tenderly. What to know is that the mysterious guy who flirts with Riri is none other than the ex of Naomi Campbell . He can be found a few months ago, hugging the 47-year-old star. One thing is certain, coming closer to the ex of the British model, Rihanna, who is currently playing with her title “Wild Thoughts” , plays with fire. Is the war-war about to resume between Rihanna and Naomi Campbell? Business to follow!