Rihanna pregnant? Doctors talk about the famous ultrasound scan!

Entertainment 26 January, 2017

Is Rihanna pregnant? While the rumor has been running for a few days, doctors have spoken on this case. You are told more.

Just a few days writing melty.fr wondered if the rumor of pregnancy for Rihanna served to promote her album . It must be said that this news is as out of nowhere and she has particularly surprised us! It is the site MediaTakeOut who claims to have an ultrasound of the singer as proof that she is pregnant. However, the main question has not asserted this pregnancy … As always according to the same site mentioned above, Riri is pregnant nine weeks , the doctors consulted by Hollywoodlife.com be more skeptical about this famous proof. Indeed, Dr. Linda Burke-Galloway , if ultrasound is indeed that of the future offspring of Rihanna, it’s been over two months since the woman is pregnant: “The image seems that a fetus is already in the second quarter. It is more advanced than nine weeks […] You can see a cord and a little spine. It is much more advanced than they say ” . As for the doctor Daniel Roshan , he confirmed these claims, adding: “To me, [NFLE the fetus] was 12-13 weeks” . This analysis of the ultrasound being done, how can one prove that it belongs indeed to Rihanna?
Although he already says that Rihanna would provide a song about her pregnancy , it could be that ultrasound would be hers will not be in reality. Even if it is addressed to a certain “R.Fenty” and this is the first initial of the young woman and her family name, it must be admitted that the way MediaTakeOut got this echo appears suspicious … According to the site, it they would have been sent by email which seems much too simple as an explanation ! The person who originated this shipment could have chosen another way to make the buzz than a mere mail. Finally ! Time will tell whether, Riri is pregnant … Rihanna pregnant is she to you?